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Hi, we are the Killough family!

David is originally from Phoenix, AZ and Fiona is originally from Portsmouth, UK. We originally met over a shared love for Jesus Christ and today serve international Christian missions organization Overland Missions. We live in Namibe, Angola where we are pioneering an exciting evangelism and discipleship assignment in the southwest of the country.

A little bit about how we joined Overland Missions…
I had my first experience of Africa as I spent a year in Kenya when I was 17. It was this year that defined what I wanted to do with my life and I knew from then that God was calling me to full time missions. It didn’t happen right away and before returning to Africa I worked in America for six years, developing skills in welding and fabrication, fire fighting and business! My next taste of missions came in 2006 when I went on a 5 week mission with Overland Missions through Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I joined staff in 2007, confident that this was my calling from God.
Having served as the Director of Recruiting for just over 5 years, our family is now part of Overland Missions’ sector team in Angola. We’re excited to be part of Overland Missions’ launch team into this country that’s in desperate need of a representation of the Gospel in the rural areas.
I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior when I was 20. Prior to that I’d been focused on traveling and building a career. When I began to understand that God had a purpose for my life, I determined within myself not to live for anything less than that. For the first 5 years of my Christian walk this involved serving faithfully in my church back home in the south of England. In April 2008, I went on an Overland Missions expedition with my church and spent two weeks sharing the Gospel in remote communities in Zambia. I’d spent time in Africa as a teenager and I always felt as though I’d left a piece of my heart there whenever I left. Returning with a message so valuable to give the people I met was a tremendous experience.
I had no idea when I met David 18 months later that what started out as a great friendship would lead to the start of the greatest adventure of my life!
Faith Katherine
Faith is our first child, born in Florida in January 2013. She loves to color, practice writing letters and numbers, and cook! She’s already a hardcore traveller and has been with us to 12 nations on four continents so far. Her name means pure faith.
Ivy Grace
Ivy was born in Portugal in August 2014 while we were studying the language before moving to Angola. She loves music and eating fruit, and she gives the cutest hugs! She loves running around in the Angolan bush, climbing trees with the other kids and experimenting with new languages. Ivy’s name means tenacious grace.
Tessa Joy
Tessa just joined us in August 2017. She was born in Lubango, Angola, and we’ve had so much fun with her these first weeks. Her name means harvester of joy.


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