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October 2016 Update

Hi! Hallo! Olá! Ocaminé!

This month we’ve been bouncing around the African continent a bit. We’ve gained more stories than we could possibly fit in one newsletter and seen and made more friends than we can squeeze in here without breaking the internet! It’s been wonderful! Here are a few of the highlights…

We kicked off the month with a beautiful visit to Nkulu after our teammates left Angola for a visit to the US. It was our first time visiting the Mucubal by ourselves and things went really well! Our kids even started speaking their first words in Mucubal!

Precious, precious, precious! (more about Nkulu here)

Then the timing seemed fit to make a trip to Windhoek, Namibia (a three day drive away), where we had a growing list of things to do. In Angola, we don’t have access to dentists, optometrists, specialist doctors etc and we were definitely due for some check-ups! Thankfully, we’ve now made connections in Windheok where we’ll be able to get the family’s routine health needs taken care of for the future.

Check out who got glasses thanks to one of those check-ups!
Even the car had a full round of service needs taken care of, and we are so thankful that the tires that we had bought earlier in the year were fully replaced under warranty (it turned out they had a factory fault that could have caused us massive difficulties if they’d failed in Angola).
From Windhoek, Fiona flew to Cape Town for four days to attend a global women’s retreat run by Thrive. The retreat was incredible and far exceeded her expectations. You can read more about why the retreat was so important for her (and us!) here.
While in Windhoek we visited a church that we had spotted just down the road from where we were camping. It was a wonderful place where we made a few new friends and basked in the joy of doing church as a family, something that has proven difficult in Angola so far. Galen, Ivy and their daughter Elim are from China, living in Windhoek, and we had such a wonderful time getting to know them.
And at the very end of the month, with one family in the US now, our third family, the Whitneys, just arrived in Angola with their brand new visas! We’re helping them get settled and look forward to the Hoymes return next month when we can all be together!

And there you have the condensed version of our month! Time doesn’t allow to tell of the crazy storm we camped through, the sweet encounters we had with friends on our travels who “just happened” to be in town, the insane tooth infection that struck the day after we saw the dentist, the chance encounter with the tribe I’ve been dreaming about for two years, or the day we wanted to leave Windhoek, but had to beat the dynamite detonations that would close the only road north!

Tell us about your month! We would love to hear!

With love
David, Fiona, Faith & Ivy

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